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Software Engineer in Heart and Kidneys

#1 @octobercms plugin Redirect v4.0 is released. Optimised for PHP7 and support for @octobercms build 428+! Spread…
Lekker weekendje in @centerparcs De Eemhof. Onze accommodatie is zelfs voorzien van muizen... 🤨🐭 Gelukkig hebben we…
RT @colinodell: This nifty PHP trick can auto-cast your numeric string to `int` or `float` depending on its contents
@inetis_ch @octobercms Suggestion: add ❎ icon to clear text and apply it. (No hitting backspace several times, whic…
RT @inetis_ch: New filter "text" have been added to @octobercms. We love to contribute #opensource
Release 3.16 of @octobercms Redirect plugin adds X-Redirect-By header to identify redirects handled by this plugin.
RT @koriym: #phpnw17 – Conference Review - include my unconf talk ! 😀 @mackstar @cabdesigns @kennybody @GroovyCarr
@atimmer10 Definately! Thanks for mentioning this. This proposal is perfect 👌🏻
RT @photoEphemeris: In case you ever wondered why getting time zones and daylight saving time 100% accurate is an impossible task - from th…
RT @johnregehr: how to deprecate an interface
RT @JonyIveParody: If you have updated to iOS 11 and your current device feels slower, remember that you can always speed things up by buyi…
@landalnl Pfew geen idee, maar heel vaak! Erg benieuwd of jullie kunnen vaststellen hoe vaak ik geweest ben 👍🏻😄👍🏻
RT @jacktonkin: #PHPNW17 @jrf_nl on running phpcbf on the WordPress core codebase in the uncon track
Well this looks promising! #PHPNW17
RT @jrs2k3: Ready for conference day one @phpnwConf with the @VDLPnl crew #thedutch #php
RT @Brunty: Save the planet: upgrade to PHP7 #phpnw17 @rasmus
@skoop Me! ftw!
Tomorrow i’m traveling to Manchester for the #PHPNW17 conference! Jolly! 🛫🇬🇧
RT @CodeWisdom: "Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable." - Ralph Johnson
RT @pavullioud: Compare @joomla @WordPress and @octobercms #github #stars #php #developers